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Titre: Kam-Kotia : phase 1 & 2 / for Ministry of Natural Resources Timmins, Ontario
Autre titres: Kam-Kotia tailings : reclamation by ecological engineering
Auteurs: Kalin, Margarete
Item Type: Technical Report
Mots clés: acid-generating tailings;Kam-Kotia tailings;reclamation measures;ecological engineering
Date publié: 1-jan-1985
Numéro de rapport/série: Boojum Technical Reports;;MN001
Abstrait: This report summarizes the results of the assessments and outlines a general concept for reclaiming the Kam-Kotia (KK) tailings with ecological engineering measures.The discussion of the preliminary findings is presented in the report as Phase 1. As the requirements for this approach appeared very promising a detailed outline for a Phase 2 pilot project is provided in Appendix A. The pilot project defines more precisely the long term viability of the proposed approach and will result in realistic costing parameters for the overall reclamation scheme of the site.
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