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Title: New opportunities for innovative student engagement
Authors: Garneau, Karen
Keywords: YouthREX’s;building relationships;learning opportunities;young people;group work with youth;empowering youth;betterment of their community;advocates in their community;Youth Research and Evaluation Exchange
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2018
Abstract: This report is based on an advanced practicum placement which was completed with YouthREX’s New Opportunities for Student Engagement Program. This program is designed to create learning opportunities about research and social change for young people through a strengths-based approach, which supports youth in building relationships and preparations for post-secondary education. The program teaches young people the power of research using hands-on experiential learning. Ultimately this program focuses on empowering youth to become advocates in their community for the betterment of their community. In completing this placement, I set out to acquire skills and knowledge about group work with youth. Within this report, how to implement group work with youth is expanded on through knowledge gleaned from the literature as well as on my experience of this placement. I also desired to further develop my clinical skills by critically reflecting upon the implementation of group work during my practicum. Finally, through this placement, I observed youth learn and grow as they developed projects designed to address the social issues faced by their community
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