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SB148.pdf.jpgJan-1997Time domain electromagnetic survey of the Mud Lake area in South Bay, Ontario / Prepared for: Boojum Research Ltd.Pawlowski, Jerry
CN004A.PDF.jpg31-Mar-1989Morphological/anatomical investigation of cattail transplants and bog vegetationKalin, Margarete A.; Scribailo, R. W.
AB040.PDF.jpg22-Dec-1993The decommissioning of Buchans unit : assessment of hydrological modifications and implementation of biological polishing (stage 1) : 1993 /final report / Prepared for G. Neary, Buchans Unit, ASARCO, Joint Venture Group at Buchans NFLD., ASARCO INC. Abitibi-Price Inc.-
AB048.pdf.jpg15-Jan-1994The decommissioning of Buchans Unit and implementation of biological polishing : 1994 final report / prepared for G. Neary, Buchans Unit, ASARCO, Joint Venture Group at Buchans NFLD, ASARCO INC. - Abitibi-Price Inc.-
AB039.PDF.jpg5-Aug-1993Connection of the drainage tunnel with the Oriental Pits : geochemical and hydrological considerationsKalin, Margarete A.
SB025.pdf.jpgApr-1993Decommissioning of South Bay Mine using ecological engineering.Kalin, Margarete A.; BP Resources Canada Limited
SB055.pdf.jpgMar-1997Decommissioning of South Bay: phosphate rock/brush application in Boomerang Lake; EM34 background Mud Lake survey; seepage Canyon definiton: 1995 final report / submitted to Mr. David Porter (Talisman Energy Inc.)-
SB125.pdf.jpgNov-2003The South Bay data collection: pre-mining documents to the present, 2003 overview / prepared for Talisman Energy IncBoojum Research Limited
DV013.pdf.jpg25-Feb-1997Laboratory and field investigations examining the inhibition of acid generation from pyritic materials : perd coal waste rock piles field observations and reportBaechler, Fred; ADI Nolan Davis
SB122.pdf.jpg16-May-2001An abbreviated history of the development of the "insitu seepage treatment" (bioremediation) concept at the abandoned South Bay property-