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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2004Investigations on Iron Precipitates accumulating from underground workings and Mud Lake at South BayMeinrath, G.
May-1996Diversion of fresh surface and groundwater inflow from the northern part of the South Bay Mine tailings, towards Mud Lake / prepared for: M. Kalin, President Boojum Research Ltd., Toronto, OntarioVonhof, J.A.
Nov-2000In-situ groundwater treatment using ARUM: IRAP/NRC final report 2000Boojum Research Limited
Mar-1997Decommissioning of South Bay: phosphate rock/brush application in Boomerang Lake, EM34 background Mud Lake survey, seepage canyon definition: 1995 final report / Submitted to: Mr. David Porter Talisman Energy Inc.Boojum Research Limited
20-Dec-1994Decommissioning of the South Bay Mine using ecological engineering : final report.Kalin, Margarete
25-Nov-1994Mud Lake report, South Bay ProjectTalisman Energy Inc.
Nov-1995EM surveys maps, Mud Lake area and interpretation of electromagnetic surveys and follow-up anomaly testing (piozemeter installation), September 30, 1995 : final report 1995.Boojum Research Limited
1-Mar-2001Water quality concerns and treatment parameters for Armanda LakeKalin, Margarete A.
22-Jul-2002Proposal for woodash application to Mud Lake within the "waste management area" at the abandoned South Bay Mine site / For David Porter, Talisman Energy IncKalin, Margarete A.
Nov-1995Temporal variations in metal contents in selected waters of the South Bay Mine site : final report 1995.Boojum Research Limited