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SB012.pdf.jpg31-Mar-1991Periphyton communities as biological polishing agents in mine waste waters and the precipitation process in tailings : final report.Kalin, Margarete A.; Wheeler, W. N.; Van Everdingen, R. O.; Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology
CN004F.pdf.jpgSep-1991The effects of foliar fertilization on the plant productivity and biomass in cattails growing on acidic mine tailings / presented as an ERS 490 final report to: Dr. James KayEnglish, M. W.
SB042.pdf.jpgNov-1995Piezometer locations : comparison of airquest, total station and GPS surveys : final report 1995.-
KN001.PDF.jpgDec-1993Evaluation of passive process water treatment.Boojum Research Limited; Kennecott Corporation, Plant Projects Group
AB051.PDF.jpg16-Jan-1996Polishing ponds performance evaluation and long term considerations : 1995 final report / Prepared for G. Neary, Buchans Unit, ASARCO Joint Venture Group at Buchans NFLD ASARCO INC. - Abitibi-Price Inc.-
AB062.PDF.jpg20-Jul-1997Zinc removal from Buchans waters : scale-up of phosphate applications-
SB018.pdf.jpgApr-1992EM survey, South Bay Reclamation Project, South Bay, Ontario.Geomar Geophysics Limited; Boojum Research Limited
CN028.PDF.jpgNov-1996Nickel and arsenic adsorption onto mucilage producing algal colonies : final report : CANMET, CAMECO - March 1997Boojum Research Limited
CN004E.pdf.jpg20-Aug-1991An evaluation of methods required to determine overwintering plant health in cattails growing on acidic mine tailingsEnglish, M. W.
UMA001.pdf.jpg14-Apr-1992Toxicity of landfill leachate and seasonal performance of wetlands : final report.Kalin, Margarete A.; UMA Engineering Limited