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Title: Incorporating expressive play techniques within brief service: observed applications within children's mental health
Authors: Lubimiv, Natasha
Keywords: play therapy models;Keystone Child Youth and Family Services;expressive play techniques;models of brief service;experiential learning;practical application with families
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2017
Abstract: Although models of brief service and play therapy appear to contrast with one another, the underlying tenets of humanistic theory and post-modern social constructivism suggest complimentary combinations within clinical practice. This advanced practicum research report examines my practicum experiences within a children’s mental health agency in relation to the compatibility of brief service and expressive play techniques in applied practice. My goals within the practicum were to enhance and strengthen my clinical skillsets as a practitioner through case interventions and supervision. I was also interested in developing a personal practice model regarding the application of expressive play techniques within a brief service delivery approach. Throughout the report, I will highlight the major themes revealed within my reflective practice and demonstrate the growth of my theoretical knowledge and clinical skillsets throughout the practicum process. The critical analysis of the practicum highlights two distinct observations and insights within my experiences. The first section of analysis includes applications of expressive play techniques within an agency setting, and observations from practical application with families. The second section of analysis will describe themes that emerged through my own self-discovery and the conceptualization of my therapeutic process. Throughout the process of the practicum, I developed an understanding and experience of my therapeutic stance, nurtured my own self-awareness/personal mindfulness practice, and acknowledged the value of combining narrative brief service and play therapy models through experiential learning.
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