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Titre: Polycyclopentene crystal-decorated carbon nanotubes by convenient large-scale in situ polymerization and their lotus leaf-like superhydrophobic films.
Auteurs: Ye, Zhibin
Xu, Lixin
Huang, Lingqi
Meng, Nan
Shu, Yang
Gu, Zhiyong
Mots clés: carbon nanotube;crystallization;polycyclopentene;polymer crystal;;superhydrophobic films
Date publié: 22-déc-2016
Abstrait: In situ Pd-catalyzed cyclopentene polymerization in the presence of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) is demonstrated to effectively render, on a large scale, polycyclopentene-crystal-decorated MWCNTs. Controlling the catalyst loading and/or time in the polymerization offers a convenient tuning of the polymer content and the morphology of the decorated MWCNTs. Appealingly, films made of the decorated carbon nanotubes through simple vacuum filtration show the characteristic lotus-leaf-like superhydrophobicity with high water contact angle (>150°), low contact angle hysteresis (<10°), and low water adhesion, while being electrically conductive. This is the first demonstration of the direct fabrication of lotus-leaf-like superhydrophobic films with solution-grown polymer-crystal-decorated carbon nanotube.
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