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Title: The Renard Site, Fox Island, Mississagi Delta, Algoma : a preliminary report on a terminal Woodland site
Authors: Bertulli, M.
Kilpatrick, L.
Keywords: Mississagi Delta;Late Woodland;Salvage archaeology;Hunter-gatherer archaeology;Canadian Shield
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1977
Publisher: Laurentian University
Abstract: The Renard Site, CbHs-5, is located o n the northeastern shore of Fox Island in the Mississagi River Delta, Cobden Township, Blind River District. The specific area of the site is designated as 46°11' latitude and 83°2' longitude. (Brizinski 1975, P.71). Excavation was undertaken in the autumn of 1975 by a crew of Laurentian University students with the direction of Professor Helen Devereux and Morris Brizinski and under the auspices of the Ontario Ministries of Culture and Recreation and Natural Resources.
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