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Title: Relaxation therapy and mindfulness meditation one- day workshop for nephrology social workers : exploring the impact of this training on professional practice
Authors: Petingola, Gary
Keywords: nephrology social worker practitioners;relaxation therapy;mindfulness meditation;physical suffering;emotional suffering;clinical intervention
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2012
Abstract: Relaxation therapy techniques and mindfulness meditation are clinical intervention tools that have demonstrated benefits associated with reduction of physical and emotional suffering. These practices are well supported in the literature and are considered to be evidence-based interventions. Many mind-body therapeutic training workshops are offered in a one-day format; however, there is a gap in the literature examining the direct impact of learning relaxation therapy and mindfulness meditation specific to nephrology social work practitioners, and how, if at all, learning these techniques might assist a practitioner in his/her work. A study was undertaken to examine the influence of a one-day educational workshop on relaxation therapy and mindfulness meditation on nephrology social worker's professional practice. Eight members of the Canadian Association of Nephrology Social Workers with limited previous exposure to mind-body therapeutic approaches took part in the project and were interviewed. Telephone and Skype participant interviews occurred following the workshop on three separate occasions over a period of four months. The key findings from this study suggest that ( 1) the workshop had an impact on professional practice, (2) the workshop had an impact on self care, and (3) amid obstacles to implementation, nephrology social workers wanted to expand their current scope of practice to include relaxation therapy and mindfulness meditation with their clients.
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