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dc.contributor.authorCarniello, Trevor N.-
dc.description.abstractThe emergence of biophysical and bioelectrical dynamics at the level of the organism are explored in an attempt to identify the physiological correlates of the onset of senescence in plants. Furthermore, the ability of phylogenically disparate entities to demonstrate the potential to simultaneously display correlated electro-dynamic processes akin to sharing the "same space" or spatial parameters is investigated. The underlying, aforementioned electrophysiological changes associated with senescence and the potential for phylogenically disparate systems to display markedly correlated processes may share water as a common source of variance. The imperative investigations on the physical nature of water and its interactions with applied electromagnetic fields with respect to enhanced latency of the onset of deviations in pH and enhanced electro-dynamic correlations are experimentally explored. A hypothesis, supplemented by marked quantitative convergence, suggests that water is the central conduit necessary for the emergence of material from the immaterial.en_CA
dc.subjectExcess correlationen_CA
dc.subjectsenescence in plantsen_CA
dc.subjectelectric fieldsen_CA
dc.subjectmagnetic fieldsen_CA
dc.subjectelectrical potentialen_CA
dc.titleBioelectrical and biophysical interactions across spatio-temporal domains: identifying the conduit for the emergence of material from the immaterialen_CA
dc.description.degreeMaster of Science (M.Sc) in Biology-
dc.publisher.grantorLaurentian University of Sudbury-
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