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Title: A preliminary study of blunt force trauma using a new computer-controlled impact device: an exploration of force and fracture type using domestic pig juvenile ribs (Sus scrofa domesticus)
Authors: Holinier, Charlotte
Keywords: Forensic science;Forensic anthropology;Blunt force trauma;Force;Fracture
Issue Date: 13-Jul-2016
Abstract: When studying bone trauma, many questions have to be answered such as identifying the type of trauma, the timing and the force used to cause the injury. The latter is difficult to answer, as no previous studies have been able to provide concrete data to determine the force. This study focuses on blunt force trauma to the ribs using a hammerhead, and studying the potential relationship between the type of fractures and the induced force. To do so, a newly constructed, computer-controlled impact device was utilized to strike juvenile domestic pig ribs and record the force at the moment of impact with an incorporated load cell. A total of 20 ribs were struck perpendicular to the long axis of the rib on the external surface, inducing 21 fractures. Transverse fractures were the most prevalent type observed. Upon examination of the applied force, no significant differences in the force applied were found between all of the different categories of fractures, with the exception of transverse and oblique groups with the nonfractured group.
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