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dc.contributor.authorBennoit, Nathan-
dc.description.abstractFor a number of years, pigs have been used in a variety of forensic disciplines as a research tool, such as in forensic anthropology. However, pigs have not been used as a research tool in forensic DNA analysis. The use of pig DNA is becoming common in different areas of forensic science such as wildlife management but the transition to forensic DNA research has not happened yet. This paper proposes that pig DNA can be used in a forensic setting for research purposes in a lab that also conducts case work. The methods followed for the development of an STR profile using a commercial multiplex kit for pigs are the same as the standard procedure in a forensic Human DNA laboratory. The validation showed that pig DNA can be analyzed with the equipment currently used for human samples and it does not cross contaminate human samples. These factors would help small labs conduct both research and casework within the same laboratory.en_CA
dc.subjectForensic scienceen_CA
dc.subjectForensic biologyen_CA
dc.subjectDNA analysisen_CA
dc.subjectValidation studyen_CA
dc.subjectSus Scrofaen_CA
dc.subjectAnimal type Pig PCR amplification kiten_CA
dc.titleValidation of the use of Sus Scrofa (domestic pig) DNA as a research tool in a forensic laboratoryen_CA
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