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Title: Testing the reliability of predictive models on three different devices
Authors: Alsalmi, Basim
Keywords: Predictive models;Fitts’ law;Hick-Hyman law;Keystroke-level model;Weber’s law;Serial Position Effect law;HCI;Human-Computer Interaction techniques
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2015
Abstract: Nowadays, the first sources of information are websites on the Internet with its categories. Some users find certain websites’ layout and design not always user friendly. This may lead to poor performance, ambiguity and loss of potential customers. Websites designs’ use the principles of user interface (UI) laws and usability guidelines to be consistent and convenient to users. Due to the evolution of technology, society now uses various devices with a wide range of features like screen size, in order to obtain their information. Examples include personal computers (PC), smartphones (SP,) and tablets (TB). Since user interface laws were founded in the 20th century and most were applicable for the PC’s websites, this thesis tests and investigates the reliability of predictive models on three devices: PC, SP and TB. User interfaces were designed with five tasks, and each task represented one of the user interface laws. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) techniques, user interface design and evaluation methods were followed to test the reliability of predictive models on different devices.
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