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Title: FASD: moving toward sustainable assessment and support services in Ontario.
Authors: Geddes, Angela
Keywords: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD);Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (PAE);Diagnosis;Prevention;Holistic care;FASD informed approaches;Capacity building
Issue Date: 12-Dec-2015
Abstract: Neurological, physical and developmental impairments resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) fall along a spectrum and under the umbrella term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). It is important to understand that FASD is in fact, brain damage. These disorders and their variations are complicated and often misunderstood. This often results in distressing outcomes, such as failed school experiences, trouble with the law, strained relationships, and home and placement breakdowns. The circumstances are often made worse by the lack of reliable screening, assessment and effective support services available to individuals and families across Ontario. This qualitative study explored the impact of PAE, the assessment and support capacity within Ontario and ministry mandates that guide service provision in the areas of health, mental health, education and justice. An integrative review of the literature was undertaken and the results found that there are significant gaps in the current service delivery systems, but there are mandates that present viable options to consider in order to address the gaps and improve the circumstances for those affected by PAE. The findings led to three recommendations that address cross sectorial collaborations, policy development for FASD informed approaches, as well as professional development and prevention efforts. The implications for the field of social work are also presented.
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