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Title: Surviving to thriving terminology and family reactions to disability a literature review
Authors: Gray, Meghan L
Keywords: family reaction to disability;ABCX model;Double ABCX model;FAAR model;Ecological Systems Theory;model of transformational outcomes
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2015
Abstract: This literature review examined the theories and models surrounding the topic of family reaction to disability. Five models were assessed in terms of their structure and their terminology. An historical review has been provided to give context for the models under examination. Concerns with terminology used include the application of the words adjustment and coping within Patterson’s (1988) Family Adjustment and Adaptation Response model (FAAR), as well as the applicability of the construct of resilience to the FAAR (Patterson, 2002). The relationship between theories was also discussed with the FAAR and Scorgie, Wilgosh and Sobsey’s (2004) Transformational Outcomes model found to be the most complementary.
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