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dc.contributor.authorFarhan, Wejdan-
dc.description.abstractAn e-learning system in an academic setting is an efficient tool for all students especially for students with physical impairments. This thesis discusses an e-learning system through the design and development of an e-learning user interface for students with visual- and hearing- impairment. In this thesis the tools and features in the user interface required to make the learning process easy and effective for students with such disabilities have been presented. Further, an integration framework is proposed to integrate the new tools and features into the existing e-learning system Desire-To-Learn (D2L). The tools and features added to the user interface were tested by the selected participants with visually-and hearing- impaired students from Laurentian University’s population. Two questionnaires were filled out to assess the usability methods for both the D2L e-learning user interface at Laurentian University and the new e-learning user interface designed for students with visual and hearing impairment. After collecting and analyzing the data, the results from different usability factors such as effectiveness, ease of use, and accessibility showed that the participants were not completely satisfied with the existing D2L e-learning system, but were satisfied with the proposed new user interface. Based on the new interface, the results showed also that the tools and features proposed for students with visual and hearing impairment can be integrated into the existing D2L e-learning system.en_CA
dc.subjecte-learning systemen_CA
dc.subjectstudents with special needsen_CA
dc.subjectstudents with visual impairmenten_CA
dc.subjectstudents with hearing impairmenten_CA
dc.subjectD2L e-learning system.en_CA
dc.subjectLaurentian Universityen_CA
dc.titleA comparative study of D2L's Performance with a purpose built E-learning user interface for visual- and hearing-Impaired studentsen_CA
dc.description.degreeMaster of Science (MSc) in Computational Sciences-
dc.publisher.grantorLaurentian University of Sudbury-
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