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Title: The effects of stress on food preferences of high-saccharin and low- saccharin preferring rats
Authors: Williams, Alysha M.
Keywords: stress;taste preferences;high saccharin preference;low saccharin preference;caloric foods;non-caloric foods
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2015
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: High- Saccharin (HiS) and Low- Saccharin (LoS) preferring strains of rats are found to differ in preference for a saccharin solution, as well as reactivity to stress, drug seeking behaviour, and taste preferences. Because of this unique intersection of characteristics these rat strains were ideal for use in this study which examined how stress influences the consumptive behaviour of the HiS versus the LoS lines for flavoured foods instead of flavoured liquids (as used in the previous literature). Predictions were made within a sensation seeking/optimal arousal framework (SS/OA). The fourteen HiS (n= 7) and LoS (n= 7) rats received a restraint stressor for 30 minutes. Their consumptive behaviours were then monitored for 30 minutes. The stressor significantly reduced the consumption of the two lines. However, the taste preferences of the animals were not found to support SS/OA theory. It was posited that the addition of calories to the test foods of the current study influenced the consumption and taste preferences of the HiS and LoS lines in a way that is not predicted by the sensation seeking/ optimal arousal theory.
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