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dc.contributor.authorMoss, Lynda Mary-
dc.description.abstractThis study examines whether the 24 strengths on the Values in Action Classification of Strengths (VIA-CS) correlate with the 10 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI- 168) scales. The VIA-CS attempts to capture one’s positive values and virtues, while the MMPI- 168 attempts to measure maladaptive personality characteristics. This research also investigates the differences and similarities between the VIA-CS scores obtained by the research group - twenty-six (26) inmates at the Sudbury District Jail and the control group - seventy-two (72) volunteer participants, who are students recruited from the Laurentian University student population. Canonical Correlation was used to assess the relationship between the two sets of variables. In addition a MANOVA of the MMPI-168 scales by population group was conducted to measure if there were differences between the two groups. The findings reveal very little meaningful information connecting the tests. One test cannot predict the other. The results suggest that the VIA-CS assessment method can add value to the clinical assessment process. In practical application, balancing potentially negative clinical findings with the positive strengths of the VIA-CS may promote better outcomes in the therapeutic experience.en_CA
dc.publisherLaurentian University of Sudburyen_CA
dc.subjectpositive psychologyen_CA
dc.subjectclinical psychologyen_CA
dc.titleA comparative analysis of positive psychology and clinical psychology assessmentsen_CA
dc.description.degreeMaster's Thesesen_CA
dc.publisher.grantorLaurentian University of Sudburyen_CA
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