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Title: An examination of some theories that address the heavy alcohol consumption of university students
Authors: Treleaven, Taylor M.
Keywords: alcohol consumption;university students
Issue Date: 5-May-2015
Abstract: The following paper investigates some of the many theories used to explain underlying reasons contributing to student drinking. Reasons for student drinking include escape from reality, social discomfort, former child abuse and neglect, and specific personality types. After reviewing various theories of addiction, this paper uses a deductive approach to identify the three theories most relevant student binge drinking: the social learning theory, the behavioural theory, and the personality theory. From social reasons to behavioural and personality related reasons, students drink to be more social and to cope with stress, but these rewards do not come without risks. The ability of theory to adapt to address the unique needs of individuals makes it an important, albeit underused, tool. Using theory to inform intervention strategies, then, is essential for developing effective treatment. Future research in this area should focus on methods for integrating theory with addiction treatment.
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