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Title: The effect of Uncaria Tomenosa on the murine melanoma cell line, B16-BL6
Authors: Alfarteesh, Hajer
Keywords: Uncaria tomentosa;Cat’s claw;anticancer therapeutic properties;anti-cancer therapy;anti-inflammatory;Apoptosis
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2014
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: Uncaria tomentosa, commonly known as Cat’s claw, is a medicinal plant native to Peru. It has been used for decades in the treatment of various inflammatory disorders. Treatment with Uncaria tomentosa has been shown to have effective anti-inflammatory activities. Recent studies show that treatment of cells with extracts of Uncaria tomentosa can inhibit the MAP kinase, Akt, and Wnt signaling pathways, suggesting it has specific anticancer therapeutic properties. Previous work from our laboratory has shown that the effect of Uncaria tomentosa on the monocyte-like THP-1 cell line can block activation of these immune cells. We are now investigating the effect of the Uncaria tomentosa as an anti-cancer therapy. We have shown that Uncaria tomentosa can inhibit the growth of cell cultures and can induce apoptosis in the murine melanoma cell line B16- BL6. Extracts of Uncaria tomentosa with 70% ethanol were more efficient at inducing apoptosis than aqueous extracts. Apoptosis induction was evident as early as 24h after treatment and almost all cells treated with the ethanolic extract of Uncaria tomentosa were apoptotic by 72h. Treatment with Uncaria tomentosa caused an increase in DNA fragmentation (TUNEL assay), caspase-3 cleavage, sub G1 peaks in flow cytometry, and apoptotic morphology. Our experimental results indicate that Uncaria tomentosa can effectively kill melanoma cancer cells in vitro, in a dose-dependent manner, by enhancing apoptosis.
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