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dc.contributor.authorGraham, Holly Louise-
dc.description.abstractPrevious research on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) has identified common physical and behavioural characteristics associated with children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol. The research suggests that many individuals with FASD have experienced involvement with the law, and engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour. However, there would appear to be a scarcity of research that identifies the life histories of individuals with FASD who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour. Identifying risk and protective factors towards positive outcomes for people with FASD has both individual and societal importance. In order to better understand individuals with FASD, this research paper explores the common characteristics of FASD which may lead to inappropriate sexual behaviour, such as deficits in social skills, self-regulation, and executive functioning. Another important characteristic that is explored in the research paper is how FASD can present as an invisible disability, and the risk associated with treatment of individuals who may not be identified as having organic brain damage, specifically in the criminal justice system. As the research on FASD is limited, this paper also explores the characteristics associated with the general population of people who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour, and people with disabilities who have displayed challenging sexual behaviour. The comparison of populations of people engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour highlights the importance of the responsivity of interventions. Despite the diagnostic label of “paraphilia” attributed to those who have been convicted of sexual crimes, each individual is a complex being. Responsivity indicates each individual must be holistically understood in order to design services that encourage individual change.en_CA
dc.publisherLaurentian University of Sudburyen_CA
dc.subjectFetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorderen_CA
dc.subjectSexual behaviouren_CA
dc.titleFetal alcohol spectrum disorder and inappropriate sexual behaviouren_CA
dc.description.degreeMaster of Arts in Interdisciplinary Human Developmenten_CA
dc.publisher.grantorLaurentian University of Sudburyen_CA
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