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Title: The potential role of consciousness in the collapse of random physical systems: a quantitative biophysical investigation of cognitive intention
Authors: Caswell, Joseph M.
Keywords: Consciousness;Biophotons;Apogee-Perigee;Geomagnetic Activity
Issue Date: 20-May-2014
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: Decades of research into the anomalous phenomenon of consciousness-correlated collapse of random systems has supported the contention that human intention appears capable of eliciting significant deviations within these external systems. The following series of experiments was conducted in order to identify potential physical factors which might play a role in the consciousness-correlated effects on a random event generator device. Transcerebral application of a specific physiologically-patterned electromagnetic field was found to enhance the occurrence of this consciousness-mediated interaction. Furthermore, immersing the test area in electromagnetic ‘noise’ appears to interfere with the apparent effects of intention. Subsequent analyses were conducted in order to examine the potential contributions of gravitational sources on this phenomenon. Cerebral biophoton emission was also examined which determined that biophotons are related to the output of a proximal random event generator within both time and frequency domains. This initial series of experiments revealed a seemingly integral temporal component in this form of experiment which occurs at approximately 2 minutes into the test phase. Finally, space weather factors were examined for potential associations with the random event generator phenomenon which revealed a number of significant relationships that may contribute to this process. An artificial neural network was then constructed in order to predict values of geomagnetic activity for future experiments. These results may be among the first to quantitatively identify the probable energies and physical parameters associated with successful consciousness-mediated non-local interaction with an external system.
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