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Title: An investigation for moderators of parental stress in lesbian mothers
Authors: Young, Crystal
Keywords: Lesbian mothers;Parenting;Stress
Issue Date: 27-Jan-2014
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: Everyday demands and hassles can elicit some form of stress upon the child rearing experience (Crnic & Lowe, 2002). Previous research using meta-analysis (Bos, van Balen & van den Boom, 2005) found that lesbian and heterosexual families are similar in nature with one important distinction, the stigmatization attached to their sexual orientation. Lesbian mothers are subjected to sexual stigma that other sexual minority individuals face, but in addition they experience stigma attached to the idealization of the nuclear family. As a consequence of this dual prejudice, moderators should be examined specifically for lesbian mothers to identify shared and possible unique factors for parenting stress. Based on the data collected for the present study, the current research supported the extensive literature documenting moderates of parenting stress in heterosexual mothers (social support, relationship satisfaction and life stressors). Moreover this study highlighted some of the unique and possible moderators of parental stress in the lesbian family dynamic (minority stress, and stigma perception). While doing this, the current research revealed some interesting inter-correlations that were not the primary area of investigation. In addition, the comparison of the respondents when designated into high and low scorers, gave the impression that the current study was heading in the right direction but needed additional participants to ensure that the hypotheses were correctly tested. Future research should aim to recruit a higher number of participants from various areas that may not have LGBT specific support. Moreover while utilizing an online questionnaire; steps should be taken to ensure that respondents do not become uninterested or fatigued while testing (e.g. shorten the survey).
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