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Gaucher Smith 2017 Geo Mag Viscosity B165.full.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2017The impact of magnetic viscosity on time-domain electromagnetic data from iron oxide minerals embedded in rocks at Opemiska, Québec, CanadaSmith, Richard S.; Gaucher, Frédéric E. S.
Desmarais and Smith semianalytic sphere 2016 geo2015-0597.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2016Approximate semianalytical solutions for the electromagnetic response of a dipping-sphere interacting with conductive overburdenDesmarais, J.K.; Smith, Richard S.
Smith 2018 3CTx Open Access Geophysics.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2018An airborne electromagnetic system with a three-component transmitter and three-component receiver capable of detecting extremely conductive bodiesSmith, Richard S.
Kolaj Smith 2017 3D dipole E187.full.pdf.jpg25-May-2017Inductive electromagnetic data interpretation using a 3-D distribution of 3-D magnetic or electric dipolesKolaj, M.; Smith, Richard S.
Kolaj and smith 2015 geo Multi Tx Rx 2014-0466.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2015A multiple transmitter and receiver electromagnetic system for improved target detectionKolaj, M.; Smith, Richard S.
Desmarais and Smith 2015 Geo ground T comp.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2015Combining spatial components and Hilbert transforms to interpret ground-time-domain-electromagnetic dataDesmarais, J.K.; Smith, Richard S.
Naprstek smith 2016 geo2015-0219.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2016The effect of dielectric permittivity on the fields radiated from a radio-frequency electric dipole in a homogeneous whole spaceNaprstek, T.; Smith, Richard S.
Smith2012_geo_gradient AEM.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2012Using combinations of spatial gradients to improve the detectability of buried conductors below or within conductive materialSmith, Richard S.
Smith2010csegrecorder_03_35.pdf.jpgMar-2010Airborne electromagnetic methods: applications to minerals, water and hydrocarbon explorationSmith, Richard S.
Zamora-Veta et al., 2008_OGR_PDF manuscript-reduced.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2018Multiple mineralization events in the Zacatecas Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu-Au District, and their relationship to the tectonomagmatic evolution of the Mesa Central, MexicoVega, Osbaldo Zamora; Richards, Jeremy; Spell, Terry; Dufrane, Andrew; Williamson, John