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Title: Three dimensional reconstruction of objects based on digital fringe projection
Authors: Talebi, Reza
Keywords: 3D reconstruction;Digital Fringe Projection;Phase Unwrapping,;Phase Shifting.
Issue Date: 9-Oct-2013
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: Three-dimensional reconstruction of small objects has been one of the most challenging problems over the last decade. Computer graphics researchers and photography professionals have been working on improving 3D reconstruction algorithms to fit the high demands of various real life applications. In this thesis, we implemented a 3D scanner system based on fringe projection method. Two different methods have been implemented and used as the unwrapping solution in fringe projection method. A parameterization tool has been created in order to generate different fringe patterns for distinctive needs in the fringe projection method. Considering our first practical implementation (based on phase shifting and multi wavelength techniques) the number of pictures used in phase shifting method has been decreased and the effects of reducing the fringe patterns on the level of precision of the 3D model have been investigated. Optical arrangement and calibration of the system (fringe projection method) have been studied, and numerous suggestions have been proposed to improve the precision of the system. Also, an evaluation method has been implemented based on calibration techniques. The error rate on both surface and height of the 3D model compare with the object has been calculated.
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