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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
Thomas Thesis Revised 2022-13-09.pdf.jpg12-sep-2022Outcome-based judgement categorization of the Supreme Court of CanadaMalley, Thomas
_Final thesis_Faranak Kheirandish.pdf.jpg18-oct-2023Evaluation of U-Net model in the detection of cervical spine fracturesKheirandish, Faranak
Thesis FINAL-Aryan Yousefi_14_Nov-2022.pdf.jpg7-nov-2022Emotion-centric image captioning using a self-critical mean teacher learning approachYousefi, Aryan
Thesis D5.pdf.jpg6-jan-2022Biocybernetic closed-loop system to improve engagement in video games using electroencephalographyKlaassen, Stefan
FINAL Thesis - Kinjal Deputy - 15-Jun-2023.pdf.jpg23-mai-2023Crop disease detection using deep learning techniques on imagesDeputy, Kinjal Vijaybhai
Thesis paper Chengyu Peng.pdf.jpg19-avr-2023Optimal data allocation method considering privacy enhancement using E-CARGOPeng, Chengyu
FINAL Thesis_Nirali Mistry_14-Sep-2022.pdf.jpg3-jui-2022Detecting span in emails using advanced machine learning methodsMistry, Nirali
Thesis Final_Yesha Bhagat_16-Feb-2022.pdf.jpg20-jan-2022BERT-based multi-task learning for aspect-based sentiment analysisBhagat, Yesha
Wenjun_Wan_MSc_Thesis0603.pdf.jpg31-mai-2022Pairwise comparisons and visual perceptions of 3D shape volume estimationWan, Wenjun
Harshkumar Mehta - FINAL THESIS 01-JUNE-2022.pdf.jpg25-mai-2022Social media hate speech detection using explainable AIMehta, Harshkumar
Jay Patel's Final Thesis .pdf.jpg28-avr-2022Analyzing impact on bitcoin prices through Twitter social media sentimentsPatel, Jay
Thesis FINAL_Vahid Keshmiri_28-April-2022.pdf.jpg27-avr-2022Non-directional forecasting of stocks using Twitter’s quantitative metricsKeshmiri, Vahid
Graham_Gibson_Thesis_final.pdf.jpg31-oct-2022Monte Carlo simulated heat transport in semiconductor nanostructuresGibson, Graham
Thesis FINAL - Krina Naik - 31-Jan-2022.docx.pdf.jpg27-jan-2022An analysis of lung cancer survival using multi-omics neural networksNaik, Krinakumari
Dominique_Delay_Masters_Thesis.pdf.jpg18-jan-2023Generalized temperature-driven insect population dynamics model – a mechanistic approachDelay, Dominique
Thesis FINAL_Hojat Ghasemi_ 16-Feb-2022.pdf.jpg13-jan-2022Fine-tuning a general transformer model on story-lines of IMDB movies databaseGhasemi, Hojat
Thesis FINAL - Hira Jamil - 17-Jan-2022.pdf.jpg7-jan-2022Inflation forecasting using hybrid ARIMA-LSTM modelJamil, Hira
Final Gulnaz-Kaur-Randhawa---M-Sc--Computational-Sciences-Thesis.pdf.jpg4-nov-2021Gender human-computer interaction: investigating the perceived credibility of mobile applications from gendered perspectiveRandhawa, Gulnaz Kaur
Thesis FINAL - Meshwa Patel - 01-Nov-2021.pdf.jpg28-oct-2021Prediction of solar radiation values on Indian cities using machine learning and deep learning techniquesPatel, Meshwa
Thesis Final - Sujay Kalakala - 04-Oct-2021.pdf.jpg30-sep-2021A rule based sentiment analysis of whatsapp reviews in Telugu languageKalakala, Sujay
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 103