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Title: Attitudes of registered nurses, allied health professionals, and clerical staff towards multi-disciplinary teamwork
Authors: Guido, Pina Rita
Keywords: ulti-disciplinary teamwork;Teamwork;Attitudes;Situation monitoring
Issue Date: 8-Oct-2013
Publisher: Laurentian University of Sudbury
Abstract: Although teamwork is essential for quality care, outcomes based on successful teamwork are seldom achieved in healthcare. Negative attitudes prevent effective teamwork; therefore, it is important to explore attitudes of all members towards multi-disciplinary teamwork. This research investigated attitudes held by health professionals and staff of the Group Health Centre regarding multi-disciplinary teamwork and investigated if a relationship exists between work experience and attitudes towards teamwork. A descriptive correlational design was used. Data was gathered using the TeamSTEPPS Teamwork Attitude Questionnaire (T-TAQ). The T-TAQ assesses attitudes towards validated constructs of teamwork. Team members of the Group Health Centre have positive attitudes towards teamwork. The registered nurses do not have different attitudes compared to their colleagues from other health sciences or staff. However, clerical staff presents differences with respect to the constructs of situation monitoring and communication. There is no relationship between work experience and attitudes. These results have important implications for teams in primary care, specifically, the Group Health Centre.
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