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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
BoltMAThesis - Final Document - Jan_2020.pdf.jpg9-déc-2019Exploring relationships between perfectionism and Instagram use on body image concerns and the use of body modification strategies in menBolt, Megan
10.23.2019 FINAL.pdf.jpg15-oct-2019Leading competitor masters athletes: identities and the road to successBottomley, Jenny N.
KristinaTrandovski_MA THESIS FINAL2019.pdf.jpg5-sep-2019Sibling experiences in families of an individual with a chronic health condition: Down syndrome and cystic fibrosisTrandovski, Kristina
Thesis Amber Sinclair.pdf.jpg22-aoû-2019Positive attitudes towards older adults: characteristics of prospective partners in careSinclair, Amber
Alyssa Smith M.A. Thesis 2019 FINAL.pdf.jpg26-jui-2019A web-based intervention for perfectionism: an extension of previous findingsSmith, Alyssa
M.A. Thesis Joannie Quenneville FINAL..pdf.jpg1-aoû-2019Exploring the impact of shared-book reading on school-age children’s understanding of emotionsQuenneville, Joannie
ACFrOgBKQrvM8yn8-U_9UiLljwFLRbQCFXPZG8ZQmWGTgXHAv0LSQrnhr3k7hqkLXd7Wqj8wHxMs5LmeEUZ1BXbskOkRPBjRsNkn1s703gKKBHLz3VygmVxsUSYWeNs=.pdf.jpg14-jui-2019Fluency or congruence? The role of metacognitive monitoring on attribute ratingsHendel, Emalie
Master's Thesis Humor, Positive Aging, and Cognitive Functioning-Edits.pdf.jpg27-jui-2019Examining the humor styles and positive aging in older adults and the role of cognitive functioningSchurr, Matthew
Alexandra Bazinet Final Apr 23, 2019.pdf.jpg18-avr-2019Psychopathy and alcohol abuse in relation to the recidivism of sexual offendersBazinet, Alexandra
Breeanna Streich Final Thesis.pdf.jpg23-aoû-2018The impact of product health description and serving size information on consumptionStreich, Breeanna
Sophie Nash MA Thesis Final 2018.pdf.jpg19-oct-2018Help-seeking behaviours of university students in a Northern Ontario communityNash, Sophie J.
SarahPenney_Thesis_Document_final_after_defense_revised.pdf.jpg10-fév-2017Clinician perceptions of the impact of emotions on clinical decision making in child and adolescent eating disordersPenney, Sarah
Annalie Pelot Masters Thesis (Final).pdf.jpg5-sep-2018Smile judgment in substance use disorders and its relationship to interpersonal and emotional functioning: an eye-tracking investigationPelot, Annalie
MarikaRenelliThesisMay13Final.pdf.jpg11-mai-2018The role of ceremonial ayahuasca use and the healing of eating disorders: a qualitative studyRenelli, Marika
FINAL LOUIS LAKATOS THESIS FEBRUARY 2018.pdf.jpg6-avr-2018Eastern and Western mindfulness: investigating a potential mediating role of self-regulationLakatos, Louis
Final Christian_LaForge_VF_March21.pdf.jpg7-sep-2017Contributing to children’s early comprehension of emotions: a picture book approachLaForge, Christian
Gabrielle.Colangelo.ThesisFINAL2018.pdf.jpg16-fév-2018Conditioned stress-eating and stress non-eating in rats, and their preference for food sweetened with sucraloseColangelo, Gabrielle M.
Asma Suedan_Final Thesis Manuscript.pdf.jpg11-déc-2017Imagined disclosure of a close other’s mental health status: a strategy for reducing stigma by associationSuedan, Suedan
Final Document - Carl Newton, Oct 19, 2017.pdf.jpg20-oct-2017Child neglect: predicting future protection concerns and a comparison of profilesNewton, Carl
Thesis completed Taylor Smith Final.pdf.jpg22-sep-2017Earwitness identification: an examination of scenario, lineup type and gender as factors in identification accuracy.Smith, Taylor
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 72