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Eric Boivin MA Thesis Final Copy - Aug 23, 2022.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2022“These two alibis seem equally as weak compared to those” contrast and condensation effects in inferential judgmentsBoivin, Eric
Orazietti_THESIS 2022_bp Final.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2022The impact of social distancing on an aging population during a pandemic: the relationship between social connection and mental health symptomatologyOrazietti, Jessica R.
_MA Thesis Final Document - Emily Henry.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2022Body talk and perfectionism in female and male youth: can we shift the focus from appearance to functionality?Henry, Emily
Distinct Religious Primes -Formatted Draft (July, 2022).pdf.jpg15-Jul-2022Distinct religious primes and evaluations of religious and non-religious others: the moderating roles of religious quest and fundamentalismGalati, Erika
Final Thesis Doc_11_15.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2022Mixed-methods analysis of the predictive effects of personality on stress-related eating behaviour: an exploratory study of perfectionism, impulsivity, and emotional controlBattaion, Mira Milena
Jenna Barriault - MA Thesis.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2022Trust in online reviews: effects of valence and exposure to information on deceiver’s distrust and financial incentivesBarriault, Jenna
MA Thesis_ Victoria Steadman (Final Copy July 2022).pdf.jpg14-Jul-2022A polysomnographic investigation of the relationship between self-reported anxiety sensitivity and rapid eye movement sleep fragmentationSteadman, Victoria G.L.
Indiviudal Differences in Career Choice.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2022Individual differences of career choice: the role of cognition, personality, executive function, motivation, and career valuesCarniello, Trevor N.
The Influence of Emotional Context Scenes on the Interpretation of Masking Smiles.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2022The influence of emotional context scenes on the interpretation of masking smilesGagné, Zacharie
Matthew Scott Thesis.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2022Investigating how individuals respond to efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in Northern Ontario: associations with political ideology and perceived stressScott, Matthew