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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Yingxiao Zhao - Final Thesis.pdf.jpg16-Jun-2016The effect of new drug exposure versus a drug free interval on prior drug resistance in ovarian cancerZhao, Yingxiao
Calvin Young MSc Thesis.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2016Studies on metal exchange and inhibition in anthrax lethal factorYoung, Calvin J.
Venkata Saran Tejaswi Solleti-May-2016.pdf.jpg2-May-2016Formulation and efficacy of liposome-encapsulated azithromycin for pulmonary infection due to Pseudomonias AeruginosaSolleti, Venkata Saran Tejaswi
COrsini - M.S.c Thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2016An EPR and DFT investigation of the products formed in the reaction of group 11 metal atoms with three-membered heterocyclic compoundsOrsini, Chad
Azizah Al Radhwan final M.Sc. thesis.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2016Synthesis of peptide-derived tetraoxazole containing macrocyclesAl Radhwan, Azizah.
INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS Corrections for final approval 13 octobre FINAL COPY with committee names.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2015Induced pluripotent stem cells: where are we today?Dénommé, Ginny Michelle
ThesisFinalSubmission_260415_(REVISED)_1.pdf.jpg27-May-2015A highway of pollution with no boundaries: a study using lead isotope ratios in wet deposition and lichen to trace atmospheric pollutionAkerman, Tamra
Laura_Laverdure_MasterThesis_Final_VersionJan18_2015_1.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2015A generalized electronic diabatic model applied to two-state reactions.Laverdure, Laura Bray
Caitlyn Rotondo - Thesis 2014 - Final Version_3.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2014The inhibition of the VIM-2 and IMP-1 METALLO-β-LACTAMASES by cationic peptidesRotondo, Caitlyn Michelle
Final Masters Thesis by Thomas Bizley_8.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2014Self-organized inorganic-organic phyllosilicate hybrids: investigating bridging ligands and imprinting methods for heavy metal ion adsorptionBizley, Thomas
Almubayedh, Somaiah - thesis - FINAL VERSION.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2014Synthesis and characterization of oligo/polythiophenes bearing stable radicalsAlmubayedh, Somaiah
Xiaoxi Yang - MSc Chemical Sciences.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2014Surface modification of magnesium alloy AZ31 for improved biocompatibilityXiaoxi, Yang
FINAL THESIS - Heather Cornthwaite - MSc Thesis 2014.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2014Examining the distribution of ketamine and metabolites in decomposed skeletal tissues: development of a high throughput approach and application to an environmental and decomposition studyCornthwaite, Heather
Auld_Ryan_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Re-examining temporal and seasonal microbial acid mine: drainage community variationAuld, Ryan Richard
Driscoll_Kendra_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Fate of limestone dissolution products in acidic metalcontaminated soil mesocosmsDriscoll, Kendra
Knee_Jose_Master_thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Determining the metabolic profiles in drosophila melanogaster: development and application of a novel ion-pairing liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry protocolKnee, Jose
Betit_Caroline_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Comparison of multiple drug and metabolite levels recovered from skeletonized remains following standard passive extraction, microwave-assisted extraction and ultrasonic solvent extraction and GC-MS or UPLC-DADBetit, Caroline
Al Hegy_Afrah_Master_Tthesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Deposition and characterization of mesoporous silica coatings on magnesium alloysAl Hegy, Afrah
Alzahrani_Ali_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2014Determination and speciation of tellurium in environmental samples using hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (HG-AFS)Alzahrani, Ali
Bing_Xinyang_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2013Transvection is a plastic phenotypeBing, Xinyang (David)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 42