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Accepted article for deposit.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2016Efficient, robust surface functionalization and stabilization of gold nanorods with quaternary ammonium-containing ionomers as multidentate macromolecular ligandsDong, Zhongmin; Xiang, Peng; Huang, Lingqi; Ye, Zhibin
Thesis(July_26)-1_1.pdf.jpg6-Aug-2013Imaging, characterization and processing with axicon derivatives.Saikaley, Andrew Grey
CompleteThesisAfterDefence_2.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2015Development of a new velocity measurement technique : the laser bessel velocimetrySakah, Mahmud Ali
Accepted article for deposit.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013Ultra-small carbon nanospheres (< 50 nm) of uniform tunable sizes by a convenient catalytic emulsion polymerization strategy: superior supercapacitive and sorption performancesYe, Zhibin; Tiwari, Vimal K.; Chen, Zhe; Gao, Fan; Gu, Zhiyong; Sun, Xueliang
Modification of cellulose nanocrystals with quaternary ammonium-containing hyperbranched plyethylene ionomers by ionic assembly-accepted manuscript.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2016Modification of cellulose nanocrystals with quaternary ammonium-containing hyperbranched polyethylene ionomers by ionic assemblyHuang, Lingqi; Ye, Zhibin; Berry, Richard
MRGauthier - MASc Eng. Sci. Thesis - 20201007.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2020Microalgae growing in stressed environments and their antioxidant potential from production of secondary metabolitesGauthier, Miranda Rose
Accepted article for deposit.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2016Polycyclopentene crystal-decorated carbon nanotubes by convenient large-scale in situ polymerization and their lotus leaf-like superhydrophobic films.Ye, Zhibin; Xu, Lixin; Huang, Lingqi; Meng, Nan; Shu, Yang; Gu, Zhiyong
Accepted manuscript for deposit.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017High-performance iron oxide-graphene oxide nanocomposite adsorbents for arsenic removalYe, Zhibin; Su, Hui; Hmidi, Nuri
20210104 - Eastick_Thesis.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2020Optimization of small modular nuclear reactor integration at a remote mine site in CanadaEastick, Jeff
Thesis_BritneyLamarche_MASc.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2020Morphometric changes with age in human trabecular bone structural units (BSU) of the lumbar spineLamarche, Britney A.