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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-May-2015A comparative analysis of positive psychology and clinical psychology assessmentsMoss, Lynda Mary
8-Oct-2013The challenge of meeting the health care needs of older adults: a retrospective chart review.John, Victoria Emilia
31-Jul-2013Examining the Geriatric Content of Canada’s Newest Undergraduate Medical Program: Are Graduates of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine Acquiring the Basic Competencies to Care for an Increasingly Aging Population?Leclair Smider, Karen
12-Sep-2013Absenteeism in a health care settingSherrington, Steven
17-Jun-2015Examining daily quantitative electroencephalographic (qEEG), psychophysical and antropometric measures over a one week period.Lapointe, Andrew P.
2-Oct-2013L'éducation physique et santé après la 9e annnée du secondaire en Ontario : le problème de la participation effective des élèves.Dagostino, Chantal
20-May-2014The potential role of consciousness in the collapse of random physical systems: a quantitative biophysical investigation of cognitive intentionCaswell, Joseph M.
27-Jan-2014Exploring the complexity of the primary health care transition of youth and young adults with cerebral palsy living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: a mixed methods studySeguin, Chelsea L.
19-Mar-2014An evaluation of several measures of attention and inhibition in ten year old childrenPasquali, Bernadette
19-Mar-2014Le rôle du raisonnement contrefactuel dans la compréhension de la dissimulation des émotions chez les enfants d’âge scolaireLegault-Vanderlinden, Christiane