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Evaluating the Reliability of Assessing Home-Packed Food Items Using Digital Photographs.pdf.jpgNov-2013Evaluating the Reliability of Assessing Home-Packed Food Items Using Digital Photographs and Dietary Log SheetsDorman, Sandra
EysEtAl-2008-StatusCongruency-PrePublicationVersion.pdf.jpgAug-2008Leadership status congruency and cohesion in outdoor adventure groupsRitchie, Stephen; Eys, Mark; Oddson, Bruce; Little, Jim; Slade, Heather
pub-roundtable_report_web_final_NOSM.pdf.jpg2014Community-Based Emergency Care: An Open Report for Nishnawbe Aski NationRitchie, Stephen; Orkin, Aaron; VanderBurgh, Dave; Fortune, Melanie
Inhalation of Nebulized Diesel Particulate Matter.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2014Inhalation of Nebulized Diesel Particulate Matter: A Safety Trial in Healthy HumansDorman, Sandra
Smoke Exposure Has Transient Pulmonary and Systemic Effects in Wildland Firefighters.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2014Smoke Exposure Has Transient Pulmonary and Systemic Effects in Wildland FirefightersDorman, Sandra
VanderburghEtAl-2014-CBEC-RRH.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2014Community-based first aid: a program report on the intersection of community-based participatory research and first aid education in a remote Canadian Aboriginal communityRitchie, Stephen; VanderBurgh, Dave; Jamieson, R; Beardy, Jackson; Orkin, Aaron
Hejr et al. EJER vol. 4. 2017.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2017The effect of the relationship to knowledge of physical education teachers on the ostensive forms in swimmingHsouna, Hejer Ben Jomâa Ben; Sghaier, Donia; Mami, Mohamed; Kpazaï, Georges
Selmi et al. 2017.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Changes in global self-esteem after short‐term sprint Interval training in elite soccer playersSelmi, W.; Chelly, MS; Kpazaï, Georges; Sellami, M; Hermassi, S; Shephard, RJ; Naceur A, A
ACFAS-Kpazai-20180228 (1).pdf.jpg5-Apr-2018La recherche sur la pensée critique en éducation physique et santé Un programme de recherche mené par le Laboratoire de Recherche sur l’Intervention en Activité Physique (LARIAP) de l’école des sciences de l’activité physique de l’Université LaurentienneCarignan, Isabelle; Kpazaï, Georges
Pensée critique 2e édition couverture_9782924651780.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2018La pensée critique expliquée par des didacticiennes et des didacticiens de l’enseignement supérieurKpazaï, Georges