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Shanay Williams Thesis 2016.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2016Peatland microbial community structure and function along a metal contamination gradient in Sudbury, OntarioWilliams-Johnson, Shanay
McCurdy-Adams MSc Thesis FINAL 20160901.pdf.jpg29-Jul-2016Anthropogenic effects on chronic stress and nest predation patterns in freshwater turtlesMcCurdy-Adams, Hannah L.
Carniello_THESIS_REVIEW_PDF01Feb2016 Final.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2016Bioelectrical and biophysical interactions across spatio-temporal domains: identifying the conduit for the emergence of material from the immaterialCarniello, Trevor N.
Sumner-MSc-Thesis-29Jun2016.pdf.jpg2-May-2016The effects of climate on the bioaccumulation of mercury in two large-bodied fish species in northern Ontario lakesSumner, Alexandra W.
Ayat Kinkars thesis 2016.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2016Cloning and studying the role of mycobacterium tuberculosis multicopper oxidase in inhibiting the respiratory burst.Kinkar, Ayat
Sebastien Lefebvre MSc Final Draft.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2016Correlation between phenotypes or genotypes of Clostridium difficile and clinical outcome from Clostridium difficile infections at Health Sciences NorthLefebvre, Sebastien Roger
Kinkar, Eyad_FINAL THESIS_MSc Biology.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2016The secondary structure of the 5’-end of the STb mRNA affects its secretion efficiencyKinkar, Eyad
Thesis_Porty_FINAL.pdf.jpg27-May-2016Investigating coxiella burnetii at the livestock - wildlife interfacePorty, Ariel M.
HUGHES_MSc Thesis (final submission).pdf.jpg30-Aug-2016Navigating the thermal landscape: thermo-spatial ecology of wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) in the northHughes, Geoffrey Norman
Lessel Thesis Final.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2016Identification of phenotypic variation across levels of cSOD activity in Drosophila melanogaster reveals that phenotypes are most influenced by second chromosome genetic background and sex at high cSOD activityLessel, Courtney Elyse