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Karolina M.Sc. thesis 2018 Final.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2018Effects of nickel toxicity on seed germination and expression of genes associated with nickel resistance in Populus tremuloidesCzajka, Karolina M.
Wittmann Thesis Final Submission July 24 2018.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2018Biological recovery in an urban industrial stream: using the reference condition approach to assess the current state of Junction Creek, Sudbury, OntarioWittmann, Amanda
Thesis_Final_Elliott_Schmidt_2017_Final.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2018Environment-microbe-host interactions: understanding the relationship between the external environment, gut microbiome diversity, and host immunocompetenceSchmidt, Elliott Andrew
Eric Stokes M.Sc. Thesis Final .pdf.jpg17-Sep-2018The role of hydrogen sulfide in doxorubicin-induced drug resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma cellsStokes, Eric
JH-SoilMetabarcoding(FINAL).pdf.jpg10-Sep-2018Metabarcoding soil microarthropods for soil quality assessment: importance of integrated taxonomy, phylogenetic marker selection and sampling designHoage, Jesse Frank James
Shahira Wahby thesis - Final.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2018Potential analysis of gene expression in nerve growth factor treated cells using semi quantitative PCR techniqueWahby, Shahira Ahmed
Rayon 2018 Thesis 19June.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2018Root lifespan and overwintering strategies for two wetland species, Sagittaria latifolia wild. (Alismataceae) and Carex crinita lam (Cyperaceae), in contrasting climate zones.Rayon Rodriguez, Andrea P.
Erik Slade MSc Thesis Defended.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2018The role of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in Ghrelin secretion and appetiteSlade, Erik
Master thesis  Charnelle Djeukam Final.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2018L'analyse de l'expression de gènes associés à la résistance au nickel chez le chêne rouge (Quercus rubra) : effets moléculaires de la toxicité de différentes doses de nitrate de nickelDjeukam, Charnelle Linda
Megan Ross-Thesis post-defence 2018-Final.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2018Bacteria against bacteria: isolation, identification and characterization of bacteria with antimicrobial activities against Gardnerella vaginalisRoss, Megan