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Denis Vaillancourt MA THESIS.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2020The role of medication use and state anxiety on the cognitive components of emotional facial processing: An Event-Related Potentials StudyVaillancourt, Denis
Thesis template - Cailynn's Masters Thesis June 16th.pdf.jpg14-May-2020Canada’s history with Indigenous peoples: do reminders of ingroup wrongs and ingroup identification influence collective guilt, moral shame, and reparation intentions?Laprise, Cailynn D.
17-Mar-2020Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: diagnostic outcomes in Northeastern OntarioBurns, Jessica
D Pakula Final Thesis Document for Grad Studies.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2020Investigating the effects of calorie labels, caloric content, and food descriptions on consumer evaluations of restaurant menu itemsPakula, Dominika
ND thesis FINAL PDF.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2020The knowledge of physicians regarding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) across Ontario: a mixed methods study    Davin, Nathaniel
Charlotte Aelick M.A. Thesis 2020.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2020Recidivism and treatment behaviour among high-risk/high-need sexual offenders with psychopathic traitsAelick, Charlotte
SAFT THESIS 2020.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2020The contribution of family composition to attachment, emotional intelligence, and family functioningSaft, Kristine
Eric Boivin MA Thesis Final Copy - Aug 23, 2022.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2022“These two alibis seem equally as weak compared to those” contrast and condensation effects in inferential judgmentsBoivin, Eric
Orazietti_THESIS 2022_bp Final.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2022The impact of social distancing on an aging population during a pandemic: the relationship between social connection and mental health symptomatologyOrazietti, Jessica R.
Gendron, Pascale- Thèse finale- 21 avril 2022.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2022L’effet de la charge cognitive sur la prise de décision des athlètes pratiquant la course d’enduranceGendron, Pascale