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Title: Archaeological Theme Parks, Public Archaeology, and Living Museums: Prospects for the Upper Great Lakes Region
Authors: Julig, Patrick
Keywords: heritage sites;First Nations;original culture;archaeology
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Laurentian University Press, Sudbury, Ontario
Citation: Julig, Patrick J. (1999) "Archaeological Theme Parks, Public Archaeology, and Living Museums: Prospects for the Upper Great Lakes Region". In La nature et la loi. Le pluralisme juridique dans la gestion de la nature = Nature and Law. Legal Pluralism in Environmental Stewardship. François-Xavier Ribordy (ed.). Laurentian University Press, Sudbury, Ontario.
Abstract: The development and management of heritage sites, including prehistorical and historical archaeological sites, trading posts and aboriginal traditional-use sites, is of interest to governments for their potential in the fields of tourism, youth employment and economic development. In Canada, the issues of rights, ownership and management decisions for such sites are still in contention as multiple cultures (Aboriginal, French, English) may have occupied and used these sites either successively or concurrently. The First Nations often have some claim to these sites as they are of the original culture, but the government ministries at national and provincial levels maintain some control via heritage legislation. Increasingly, the First Nations are exercising their claim to a voice in the development of such heritage resources, and co-management agreements appear to be the most successful arrangements. Examples of successfully co-managed projects will be evaluated with respect to future development in the cultural heritage sector and the prospects for a World Heritage site designation in the Great Lakes region will be examined.
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