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Young_Crystal_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2014An investigation for moderators of parental stress in lesbian mothersYoung, Crystal
WILLIAMSON, AIMEE LYNN - Materials Science PhD.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2014An investigation into bioleaching of uranium and rare earth elements from quartz-pebble conglomerate ores from Elliot Lake, OntarioWilliamson, Aimee Lynn
IES010.pdf.jpgJun-1980An investigation into selected ecological aspects of the aquatic and terrestrial environment of an abandoned uranium mill tailings pond : Bancroft, OntarioKalin (ed.), Margarete
Gasbarrini Thesis 2017-04-07 Final.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2017Investigation into the cause(s) of a mass mortality of a long-lived species in a Provincial Park and an evaluation of recovery strategies.Gasbarrini, Donnell Marie-Leah
Thesis Final .pdf.jpg28-Oct-2020An investigation into the feasibility of improving the sustainability of a biogas fueled electricity generator by capturing CO2 exhaust emissions using photosynthetic green microalgaeKennedy, Merritt
DLH Dissertation Document Final - January 2015_1.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2015An investigation of sponsorship effects at charity-linked sporting events: does gender matter?Lafrance Horning, Denyse
K Boyd Thesis 2017.pdf.jpg20-Jul-2017A investigation of the relationship between fracture type and force: blunt force trauma on mammalian juvenile ribs (Sus scrofa, linneaus)Boyd, Katie A.
SB137.pdf.jpgFeb-2004Investigations on Iron Precipitates accumulating from underground workings and Mud Lake at South BayMeinrath, G.
ThesisPaperJChamberlandFINAL.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2016Is it contagious? An eye-movement and EMG study of smile authenticity judgmentChamberland, Justin
NSWJ-V3-art5-p73-89.pdf.jpgSep-2000"""It's hard to be a women," First Nations women living with HIV/AIDS"Ship, Susan; Norton, Laura
Erica Fellin Thesis (1).pdf.jpg23-Nov-2020Ixodid tick effects on deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) hematology and ectopFellin, Erica E.
reynolds.pdf.jpg2007Journaliers de la région de Sudbury, 1891-1911Reynolds, Emily
Brar_Prabhjit_Thesis Submission_Final April2020.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2020Journey to the sacred: an architectural retreat for the Sikh diaspora of British Columbia  Brar, Prabhjit Kaur
Sherri Baker Thesis Final.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2016Journey to wellness: Identifying culturally relevant supportive services for First Nations peoples in Northeastern Ontario during their cancer journeyBaker, Sherri
TURCOTTE Karine PSYC 4105FL01.pdf.jpg3-May-2017Jugement des microexpressions faciales émotionnelles chez les individus anxieuxTurcotte, Karine
MN001.pdf.jpg1-Jan-1985Kam-Kotia : phase 1 & 2 / for Ministry of Natural Resources Timmins, OntarioKalin, Margarete A.
MN001.pdf.jpg1-Jan-1985Kam-Kotia tailings reclamation by ecological engineering : feasibility evaluation : phase 1.Kalin, Margarete A.; Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Brady Zapalski_0186984_MA Major Paper.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2015Keeping girls in the gym : an examination of the reasons why females choose not to participate in high school physical educationZapalski, Brady
Biochemistry Thesis- 7th draft- all inclusive-fa-hbp_2.pdf.jpg11-May-2012Ketoacids as antioxidants in human astrocytes exposed to oxidative and aluminum stress.Thomas, Sean
PhD thesis JL_Wabie-Kijiikwewin aji sweetgrass stories.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Kijiikwewin aji: sweetgrass storiesWabie, Joey-Lynn