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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
LaRush Thesis_December_final.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017Immersive wilderness experiences: an exploration of women's narrativesLaRush, Judith
Final Mackey_Sophie_Immigrant Landscapes.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2019Immigrant landscapes: architecture in the age of migrationMackey, Sophie
OGorman_DissertationFinal.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2018The impact of childhood obesity discourses on domestic and reproductive labour for single mothers in Northeastern Ontario : an institutional ethnographic studyO’Gorman, Laurel
Dinnes, Charley-Anne_MHK_Final Thesis.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2014The impact of classroom scheduling on student in nutrition in full-day early learning kindergarten (ELK) versus traditional full-day junior/senior kindergarten classesDinnes, Charley-Anne
Thesis Nichola Hoffman Final Submission Copy_2.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2015The impact of emotional tone during shared reading experiencesHoffman, Nichola
SPENCE Melissa PSYC 4104EL01 2014 2015.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2015The impact of induced emotion on languageSpence, Melissa
SJ Keefer - MA Thesis - The Impact of Intergroup Similarity on Prosocial Behaviour.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2016The impact of intergroup similarity on prosocial behaviourConnick-Keefer, Sarah Jayne A.
Gaucher Smith 2017 Geo Mag Viscosity B165.full.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2017The impact of magnetic viscosity on time-domain electromagnetic data from iron oxide minerals embedded in rocks at Opemiska, Québec, CanadaSmith, Richard S.; Gaucher, Frédéric E. S.
MAJOR PAPER AG.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2020The impact of medical instructors' attitudes towards patients with developmental disabilities on undergraduate medical students in Northern Ontario Groom, Alicia
STREICH Breeanna PSYC 4104EL01 2015 2016.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2016The impact of perceptual fluency manipulations on processing speed and ratings of relatedness for gender role schemas using the IATStreich, Breeanna
Breeanna Streich Final Thesis.pdf.jpg23-Aug-2018The impact of product health description and serving size information on consumptionStreich, Breeanna
EJES September 2017 Vol.4, No.3.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2017The impact of professional experience on teaching conceptions in university -case studies from TunisiaHsouna, Hejer Ben Jomaa Ben; Chihi, Hela; Sghair, Donia; Mami, Mohamed; Kpazai, Georges
DuncanthesisDecember2016.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2016The impact of summer break from school on children with severe autism and their parents: An Interdisciplinary StudyDuncan, Jana J.
Dugay THESIS Final March 20, 2018.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2017The impact of the CATCH early childhood program on young children’s physical activity, nutrition, and food behaviourDuguay, Desiree D.
Hursley 2018 - Final Thesis - The Impacts for Social Workers of Providing Social Work Services in Rural Northeastern Ontario Communities.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2018The impacts for social workers of providing social work services in rural northeastern Ontario communities.Hursley, Venessa
Dart_MScThesis_2019_Final.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2019The impacts of environmental changes on peatland microbial community structure and functionDart, Michelle M.
Implantation.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2015Implantation du programme Peer4Men © : Une étude évaluative pilotePaquette, Tara; Gauthier, Alain P.; Jbilou, Jalila; Kpazaï, Georges
K Barban Major Paper Final.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2013The implementation of a structured format of brief cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) methods to overcome the barriers and facilitate the delivery of CBT by primary healthcare providers for patients with depression: a pilot evaluationBarban, Karen
Gardiner_Jessica_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg16-May-2014The implication of repeated readings of ingredient lists of food labels on food safety judgementsGardiner, Jessica Joyce
SB113.pdf.jpg20-Jan-1999Implications of the draining of Mill Pond: addendum / Review prepared for M. Kalin, Boojum Research Ltd, TorontoVonhof Consulting Limited