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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Interpretation of isotopic compositions of dissolved sulfates in acid mine drainageEverdingen, Robert O. van; Krouse, H. Roy
26-Jul-2017Interpretation of post-mortem microbiology cultures: retrospective analysis of children under five years of age from 2011-2015 in OntarioDraves, Aysha Alyssa Khowessah
11-May-2018Interpretation of rock mass yield using apparent stress of microseismic events – examples from Glencore’s Nickel Rim South Mine, Sudbury, OntarioCarusone, Oliver Thomas Sousa
26-Apr-2017An interprofessional approach to trauma-informed care in the Mood and Anxiety program at Health Sciences NorthMcWhinnie, Lauren
21-Aug-2018The intersecting social identities of Canadian national team female boxersGe, Yang
21-Aug-2018The intersecting social identities of Canadian national team female boxersGe, Yang
27-May-2015Intramuscular immunization of mice with KatA (catalase) generates functional antibodies against Campylobacter jejuni invasion of gut epithelial cells in vitroRickaby, Barbara Ashley
17-Mar-2014The introduction of native forest floor plant species in to the industrially disturbed forests of Sudbury, Ontario, CanadaSantala, Kierann R.
21-Apr-2009Introduction to computer science: an object-oriented approach using JAVA 5Adams, Barry G.
5-Sep-2007The inverse of the Abel transform on ${\bf SU}^{\star}(2n)/{\bf Sp}(n)$Sawyer, Patrice
27-May-2016Investigating coxiella burnetii at the livestock - wildlife interfacePorty, Ariel M.
28-Jul-2016Investigating emotional facial recognition in trait anxious individuals: an eye-tracking studyFerguson, Ryan
26-Jan-2015Investigating the immunomodulatory potential of metals present in Sudbury Particulate Matter (SPaM)Fraleigh, Nya L.
27-Jan-2014An investigation for moderators of parental stress in lesbian mothersYoung, Crystal
29-Aug-2014An investigation into bioleaching of uranium and rare earth elements from quartz-pebble conglomerate ores from Elliot Lake, OntarioWilliamson, Aimee Lynn
Jun-1980An investigation into selected ecological aspects of the aquatic and terrestrial environment of an abandoned uranium mill tailings pond : Bancroft, OntarioKalin (ed.), Margarete
7-Apr-2017Investigation into the cause(s) of a mass mortality of a long-lived species in a Provincial Park and an evaluation of recovery strategies.Gasbarrini, Donnell Marie-Leah
27-Jan-2015An investigation of sponsorship effects at charity-linked sporting events: does gender matter?Lafrance Horning, Denyse
20-Jul-2017A investigation of the relationship between fracture type and force: blunt force trauma on mammalian juvenile ribs (Sus scrofa, linneaus)Boyd, Katie A.
Feb-2004Investigations on Iron Precipitates accumulating from underground workings and Mud Lake at South BayMeinrath, G.