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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2003"Inclusivity and diversity at the macro level: Aboriginal self-government"Nabigon, Herbert
27-Apr-2017Incorporating cut-off grade optimization and stockpiling into oil sands production scheduling and waste management.Seyed Hosseini, Navid
12-Apr-2017Incorporating expressive play techniques within brief service: observed applications within children's mental healthLubimiv, Natasha
9-Jul-2015An independent analysis of schemas using the Go/No Go Association TaskLynch, Serena
30-Apr-2019Indigenous (her)oes and their healing work: ending violence against Indigenous women and girlsKennedy, Michelle
12-Jul-2017Indigenous culture as a strategy to defer Mushkegowuk youth from criminal behaviour in Moose Cree First Nation.Lacasse, Natalie
Nov-2003"Indigenous research in social work: The challenge of operationalizing worldview"Sinclair, Raven
3-Dec-2012Indigenous Social Work Field Education: "Melq'ilwiye" Coming together towards reconciliationClark, Natalie; Reid, Michelle; Drolet, Julie; Walton, Patrick; Peirce, Joanna; Charles, Grant; Vedan, Richard; Samuel, Miriam; Mathews, Nadine; Burke, Susan; Arnouse, Mike
27-Nov-2012Indigenous Social Work Practices and TheoriesSchool of Native Human Services
2-Oct-2015Induced pluripotent stem cells: where are we today?Dénommé, Ginny Michelle
15-Feb-2017The influence of pH and chemical denaturants on metal binding and structure of anthrax lethal factorLo, Becky Suet Yan
27-Apr-2016The influence of social determinants of health on child physical health in Greater Sudbury neighbourhoodsCox, Kent
10-Apr-2017Influence of test conditions on post-peak deformation behavior of rockXu, Yuhang
10-Apr-2019Infrastructural architecture: social design for the public realm in underground transit systemsParr, Mackenzie
14-Feb-2014Inhalation of Nebulized Diesel Particulate Matter: A Safety Trial in Healthy HumansDorman, Sandra
15-Jan-1996Inhibition of acid generation using phosphate rock : final report.Boojum Research Limited
4-Dec-2014The inhibition of the VIM-2 and IMP-1 METALLO-β-LACTAMASES by cationic peptidesRotondo, Caitlyn Michelle
1-Jan-2013Iniquités de santé en milieu minoritaire : diagnostic de la situation chez les immigrants francophones de SudburyHein, Amélie; Lafontant, J.
13-May-2016Innovative technology and change management: E-health applications in Canada.Razmak, Jamil
4-Aug-2016An integrated structural and geochemical study of auriferous sheeted quartz veins within the 2740 Ma Côté Gold deposit, Swayze Greenstone Belt, OntarioSmith, Joycelyn