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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2018An exploratory study of the experiences of social workers who are employed in nurse practitioner-led clinics in the province of OntarioKohtakangas, Joanne
31-May-2017Exploring for copper–gold deposits with electromagnetic surveys at Opemiska, CanadaGaucher, Frédéric E. S.
9-Mar-2016Exploring how indigenous healing practices and a western treatment model “seeking safety” can co-exist in assisting indigenous peoples to heal from trauma and addictionMarsh, Teresa Naseba
22-Oct-2014Exploring media representations of overweight & obese women’s dietary and exercise behaviours in the biggest loser: a self-determination theory approachTennant, Melissa
14-Jan-2019Exploring participants’ experiences in an arts-based bereavement support group for traumatic and/or unexpected lossesFalldien, Nicole E. P.
27-Jan-2014Exploring the complexity of the primary health care transition of youth and young adults with cerebral palsy living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: a mixed methods studySeguin, Chelsea L.
18-Sep-2015Exploring the explicit knowledge of the Duchenne marker and asymmetry in smile judgmentKua, Siu Yun
20-Jul-2015Exploring the impact of kindergarten scheduling on children's physical activity and classroom behaviour.Thirkill, Laura J.
May-2010Exploring the Impact of Ongoing Colonial Violence on Aboriginal Students in the Postsecondary ClassroomCote-Meek, Sheila
20-Nov-2015Exploring the relationships among nursing students' anxiety in the clinical setting and select demographics.Villeneuve, Pamela
3-Oct-2017Exploring traditional roles of first nation older adults to promote the quality of life for those experiencing alzheimer's disease and related dementia'sCornect-Benoit, Ashley
16-Sep-2015Expression profile of plakin crosslinking proteins in denervated skeletal muscle of miceBlouin, Patrick
26-Mar-2015Expression, subcellular localization and functional characterization of RBM5 and RMB10 during the differentiation of C2C12 skeletal myoblasts (skeletal myogenesis)Masilamani, Twinkle Jasmine
30-Jul-2013Économie informelle et analyse relationnelleKabatakaka, Bululu
20-May-2010ÉditorialHien, Amélie
1989Éléments pour une analyse de la conscience franco-ontarienne.Laflamme, Simon
Apr-2010États-Unis d'Afrique : une approche par la théorie des jeuxGningue, Youssou
30-Mar-2015Étude comparative des habiletés en lecture : lecture autonome versus lecture par synthèse vocaleBishop, Karine; Minor-Corriveau, Michèle
8-Aug-2018Étude de la situation socioculturelle et linguistique des jeunes franco-ontariennes et franco-ontariens face aux défis d'accès aux services de santé de qualité en français à TimminsMafanda-Mahuma, Pierre
Sep-2018Étude exploratoire des formes de dépendances marginales, de leurs impacts et des besoins parmi les personnes concernées : enjeux de l'intervention socialeMunroe, Viviane