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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Oct-2014Finding patterns in student and medical office data using rough setsAlenezi, Anwar
8-Jul-2015A First Nation model of Mishkauziwin [strength; resilience] : the revitalization of family/clan identity in an Anishnaabe family of Northwestern Ontario.Wenger-Nabigon, Annie E.
Sep-2000"First Nations People and AIDS: A study of social work knowledge in Northern Quebec"Boudreau, Francois; van de Sande, Adje; Rouilier, Marc
Mar-2007A First Nations Woman with Disabilities: “Listen to what I am saying!”Durst, Douglas; Morin, Georgina; Wall, Sharon; Bluechardt, Mary
10-Nov-2014Flaxseed oil induces apoptosis in the aggressive murine melanoma cell line B16-BL6Buckner, Alison
16-May-2014Flexible floating thin film photovoltaic (PV) array concept for marine and lacustrine environmentsTrapani, Kim
2005Fomes fomentariusGaudreau, Guy; Ribordy, Annette; Ribordy, François-Xavier; Tremblay, Micheline
30-Jul-2013Foot-transmitted vibration: exposure characteristics and the biodynamic response of the footGoggins, Katie A.
Dec-2003"A formative evaluation of the Customary Care Program: Native Child and Family Services of Toronto"Menzies, Peter; van de Sande, Adje
2006Forme et mouvement dans Solitude oubliée et SarajevoLemay, Robert
2-May-2016Formulation and efficacy of liposome-encapsulated azithromycin for pulmonary infection due to Pseudomonias AeruginosaSolleti, Venkata Saran Tejaswi
Feb-1998Foucault on History and the SelfFillion, Réal
8-Jul-2015Free will vs determinism: reconstructing the model for understanding space-time dynamics and the role of consciousness within the universeJuden-Kelly, Lyndon
2007Freins aux initiatives locales et pratiques d’actions solidaires comme alternative dans le processus de développement local en Afrique de l’ouest : le cas du pays Toura (Côte d’Ivoire)Soumahoro, Moustapha
31-Jul-2013From saboteurs to allies: the role of children and youth in teacher candidates’ development of classroom managementDanyluk, Jill Danyluk
Nov-2010From the Inside Out: Spirituality as the Heart of Aboriginal Helping in [spite of ?] Western SystemsStevens, Nancy
26-Nov-2015A fugal discourse on the electromagnetic coupling of electromagnetic processes in the earth-ionosphere and the human brainSaroka, Kevin S.
23-Jan-2015Gatekeeping and social workTupling, Haidie Paige
9-Jul-2015Gender and personality correlates influence on attitudes towards the elderly in indigenousMorrisseau, Nakita-Rose
15-Jul-2014Gendering social relations of work in the Canadian automotive industry: an autoethnographic study.Starr, Meagan