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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Stratégies de lecture chez les élèves de deuxième année du primaireGiguère, Sylvie
16-Dec-2013Stratégies de résistance à la colonisation du corps des femmes en occident : le cas des musulmanes francophones en OntarioNajmi, Sabah
16-May-2014The stratigraphy and geochemistry of the rapitan iron formation, Northwest Territories and Yukon, CanadaBaldwin, Geoffrey James
17-Mar-2014Stress episodes and adaptation in the National Hockey League according to Canadian professional hockey players from OntarioBattochio, Randy Cesar
5-Sep-2017Stress reappraisal and its effects on emotional bias, state anxiety, social performance and physiological measurementsChiasson, Trevor
25-Oct-2018Strontium isotope stratigraphy of the platreef at Turfspruit, Northern Limb, Bushveld Igneous ComplexMayer, Cedric
24-Jul-2014Structural and stratigraphic setting of the Rey de Plata volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit in the Guerrero Composite Terrane, MexicoMonter, Ahiram Ramirez
24-Jan-2014Structural controls of Ni-Cu PGE ores and mobilization of metals at the Garson Mine, SudburyMukwakwami, Joshua
21-Feb-2019Structural geology, stratigraphy, and gold deposits of the New Britannia Mining District of the paleoproterozoic Snow Lake arc assemblage (Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada)Rubingh, Kate Elizabeth Louise
18-Aug-2017Structures and functions of the post-mortem brain: an experimental evaluation of the residual properties of fixed neural tissuesRouleau, Nicolas
15-Jun-2016Studies on metal exchange and inhibition in anthrax lethal factorYoung, Calvin J.
28-Jul-2016A study into the effect of RBM5 expression on a small cell lung cancer cell lineRoy, Justin Gaston
20-Mar-1992A study of algae-precipitate interactions / by M. Kalin and W. N. WheelerKalin, M.; Wheeler, W. N.
25-Mar-1992A study of algal establishment and growth in acid mine drainage (AMD) seeps and precipitation ponds : final reportKalin, M.; Wheeler, W. N.
20-May-2016A study of the crystal chemistry, cathodoluminescence, geochemistry and oxygen isotopes in Scheelite: application towards discriminating among differing ore-deposit systemsPoulin, Rémy S.
25-Oct-2017A study of the late-stage mineralogy of agpaitic environments: borosilicates, niobate hydrates and development of laser ablation ICP-MS as a tool to analyze for high concentrations of light elements (Li, Be, and B)Haring, Monika Magdaline-Marion
Apr-2004Subventions à la découverte 2003-2004 - Discovery Grants 2003-2004Sawyer, Patrice
2005Subventions du CRSNG à l'Université Laurentienne 2004-2005 - NSERC grants at Laurentian University 2004-2005Sawyer, Patrice
30-Mar-2008Subventions du CRSNG à l'Université Laurentienne 2007-2008 - NSERC grants at Laurentian University 2007-2008Sawyer, Patrice
1990Sudbury: A Historical Case Study of Multiple Urban-Economic TransformationSaarinen, Oiva