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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Apr-2016Testing the speed and accuracy of navigating layouts of web page elements through the use of an eye tracking and speech recognition mechanismAlzahrani, Nasser Jeary
27-Jun-2017Thematic analysis of key recommendations from commissioned occupational Health and Safety Reports in miningTetzlaff, Emily Jeanne
9-Jul-2015The therapeutic benefits of yellingPagnutti, Sarah J. K.
Mar-2007Thessalon First Nation’s “Journey to Wellness”Manitowabi, Susan; Morningstar, Sally; Manitowabi, Daniel
9-Oct-2013Three dimensional reconstruction of objects based on digital fringe projectionTalebi, Reza
Jan-1997Time domain electromagnetic survey of the Mud Lake area in South Bay, Ontario / Prepared for: Boojum Research Ltd.Pawlowski, Jerry
Apr-1997Titration analysisKasumovich, Martina
Mar-2007Towards An Aboriginal Model of Community HealingFreeman, Bonnie; Lee, Bill
16-May-2014Towards modeling heat transfer using a lattice boltzmann method for porous mediaBanete, Olimpia
18-Dec-2018Towards the development of a culturally sensitive, empowerment-based sexual assault resistance model for Anishinaabe womenHrynyk, Michelle M.
14-Apr-1992Toxicity of landfill leachate and seasonal performance of wetlands : final report.Kalin, Margarete; UMA Engineering Limited
5-Dec-2016Tracing paths: the social historical organization of mental illness in Ontario.Ferguson, Moira
6-Mar-2015Trajectoire géographique et occupation de l’espace urbain du grand Sudbury par les immigrants francophonesKoffi, Annie; Soumahoro, Soumahoro
9-Sep-2016Transformation of Symphytum officinale L. and Panicum virgatum L. biomass to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural for biofuel productionMartel, Alexandrine
2009Transition énergétique dans le contexte des petits États et territoires insulaireBouchard, Christian
19-Mar-2014The transition from intensive behavioural intervention programs to the school system: the experiences of the transition teamPrice, Stephanie R.
2007The transition to adulthood for children with cerebral palsy: what do we know about their health care needs?Young, Nancy
30-Oct-2013Transvection is a plastic phenotypeBing, Xinyang (David)
Apr-1999"Trauma and healing in Aboriginal families and communities"Lederman, John
6-Apr-2018Trauma and homelessness among Indigenous people in northern Ontario: a narrative studyDouglas, Bridget