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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2003"Am I a modern-day missionary? Reflections of a Cree Social Worker"Hart, Michael
2004Amanita MuscariaRibordy, François-Xavier; Gaudreau, Guy; Ribordy, Annette; Tremblay, Micheline
15-Oct-2014America's war on drugs (and drug addicts) : a Foucauldian historyHeft, Ian Andrew
6-Mar-2015Analyse critique des études portant sur la thérapie à intonation mélodique pour les personnes atteintes d’aphasiePelchat, Roxanne
31-Mar-2015Analyse des mouvements oculaires dans le jugement de l'authenticité des sourires chez les individus souffrant de la schizophrénieRoy-Charland, Annie; Perron, Melanie; Ryan, Randal Joseph; Gouge, Albert P.; Roles, Stacey
31-Mar-2015Analyse préliminaire des retombées de stages professionnels en santé dans la communauté francophone en situation minoritaire d’IqaluitMercure, Dominique; Charrier, Marie-Josée
7-Sep-2015Analyse qualitative auprès des travailleurs licenciés dans le secteur forestier du nord de l'OntarioFillion, Steve
10-Oct-2014The analysis of eye-movements in the judgment of enjoyment and non-enjoyment smiles in people with schizophreniaRyan, R.J.
20-May-2016An Analysis of Perceptual Fluency and Sexuality Schemas: The Effect on Ratings of Relatedness and Processing SpeedSmith, Paige
28-May-2015An Analysis of Physical Activity Levels of Children Following the Balanced School Day ScheduleJaunzarins, Bridget
31-Jul-2013Analysis of RBM5 and RBM10 expression throughout H9C2 skeletal and cardiac muscle cell differentiation.Loiselle, Julie Jennifer
13-Jul-2016Analysis of the effects of short-term subaerial weathering in different environmental conditions on bone colour and microstructure.Bouzane, Cécilia
29-Jul-2016Anthropogenic effects on chronic stress and nest predation patterns in freshwater turtlesMcCurdy-Adams, Hannah L.
20-Apr-2015Anthropogenic impacts on life history traits on Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias striatus)Lyons, Jeremy
13-May-2014Application of advanced diagonalization methods to quantum spin systems.Wang, Jieyu
29-Jan-2015Application of GenRel for Maintainability Analysis of Underground Mining Equipment: Based on Case Studies of Two Hoist SystemsXu, Chao
26-Jun-2015Application of neuroergonomics in the industrial design of mining equipment.Mach, Quoc Hao
30-Nov-2015Application of physical properties measurements to lithological prediction and constrained inversion of potential field data, Victoria Property, Sudbury, Canada.Mahmoodi, Omid
30-Oct-2013Application of the cross-hole radio imaging method in dectecting geological anomalies, MacLennan township, Sudbury OntarioSharif, Ladan Karimi