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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jul-2015Effects of Action Video Game Training on Spatial AttentionThibeault, Michel R.
2-May-2016The effects of climate on the bioaccumulation of mercury in two large-bodied fish species in northern Ontario lakesSumner, Alexandra W.
9-Jul-2015Effects of Cordycepin on Regeneration in a Planarian ModelRoss, James
9-Jul-2015The Effects of Early Life Stress on Stress Induced Binge Eating Later in LifeSinclair, Amber
20-Jun-2016The effects of exogenous testosterone and mating context on men`s preferences for female facial femininityBird, Brian M.
16-May-2014Effects of Liming on Soil Respiration, Fungi Diversity and Abundance in a Metal-Contaminated Region in Northern OntarioGoupil, Kassandre
5-Apr-2016The Effects of Perceptual Fluency, Schema Congruency, and Sexuality on Attribute RatingsHovi, Rebekah
26-Feb-2015The effects of stress on eating patterns and the effects of stress and attachment on eating behaviour and food preference in stress under-eaters and stress-eatersStillar, Amanda
20-Jul-2015The effects of stress on food preferences of high-saccharin and low- saccharin preferring ratsWilliams, Alysha M.
5-Nov-2014Effects of uncaria tomentosa on the growth and survival of B16-BL6 mouse melanoma cellsZari, Ali
9-Jul-2015Effects of Virtual Group Size on Conformity.Spreadbury, Melanie
8-Jul-2015The effects of weak electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on developing Xenopus laevis tadpolesJeyachandren, Jeffrey
2005Effets de l'imagerie visuelle versus kinesthésique sur la rétention et le transfert d'apprentissage d'une habileté motrice fermée chez des enfants de huit à dix ansTaktek, Khaled
2007Effets des facteurs environnementaux du drainage minier acide sur les membranes d'Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansMykytczuk, Nadia; Leduc, Leo; Trevors, Jack T; Ferroni, Garry D
25-Apr-2016Efficient, Robust Surface Functionalization and Stabilization of Gold Nanorods with Quaternary Ammonium-Containing Ionomers as Multidentate Macromolecular LigandsDong, Zhongmin; Xiang, Peng; Huang, Lingqi; Ye, Zhibin
19-Nov-2002Elder Abuse: A Bibliographic InvestigationMaley, Desmond
2-Jul-2014The Emergence of Ontario Microbreweries: A Socio-Historical AnalysisRoche, Kevin James
2004Emotivitée et sexe du locuteur : l'influence de l'état émotionnel du récepteur, selon son sexeTremblay, Cindy-Lynne
2009Emploi et engagement professionnel des diplômé(e)s d'une école en sciences de l'activité physique et santé : étude piloteAlem, Jaouad; Kpazai, Georges; Larivière, Michel
16-May-2016Employing heat pumps to recover low grade industrial thermal resources for space heating and coolingRoss, Ian Michiel