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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2017Design and optimization of a novel top-lit gas-lift bioreactor for industrial CO2 mitigation and microalgae-sourced biodiesel productionSeyed Hosseini, Nekoo
26-Feb-2016Design, construction and testing of a Tesla TurbineHolland, Kris
8-Oct-2013Design, construction and validation of internal organ phantoms for biomechanical testingOmri, Karim
27-Jan-2014Determination and speciation of tellurium in environmental samples using hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (HG-AFS)Alzahrani, Ali
24-Feb-2015Determining the feasibility of a real-time geophysical magnetic and electric measurement system for monitoring strain undergroundSchaub, Christoph
17-Mar-2014Determining the metabolic profiles in drosophila melanogaster: development and application of a novel ion-pairing liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry protocolKnee, Jose
26-Jun-2017Developing dementia health promotion materials for Indigenous people in an urban Northern Ontario communityWebkamigad, Sharlene
8-Oct-2014Developing manufactured soils for reclamation of mined land in the boreal forest ecosystemWatkinson, Autumn L.D.
28-Jul-2017Developing protocols for the collection and valuation of wild native seed from the Hudson Bay Lowland.Rantala-Sykes, Brittany
12-Sep-2013Developing social work practice skills within a mental health contextGorry, Vanessa
20-Jul-2017Development and validation of a method for the determination of nine benzodiazepines and metabolites in dried blood spots (DBS) using UPLC-QTOF-MSHill, Seana L.
20-Jul-2015Development of a new velocity measurement technique : the laser bessel velocimetrySakah, Mahmud Ali
13-Jul-2016Dextromethorphan and its matabolites in rat bone tissues by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis following differential microclimate decompositionUnger, Kirk
2007<Décrochage culturel> au secondaire en Ontario françaisTremblay, Cindy-Lynne
2-Apr-2016Défi faites le calculChevrette, Stéphanie
11-Aug-2010Développement de services documentaires dans une université bilingue du Nord de l'OntarioSaadaoui, Leïla
12-Apr-2017Differences between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women engaged in street prostitution in Sudbury.Walicki, Bernadette
13-Aug-2014Differenciations of “enfant” / “child” in the achievement of Gilles DeleuzeOrd, Douglas
29-Jun-2015Discours nationalitaires ou cacaphonie discursive? De nouveaux référents identitaires des francophones de Sudbury, 1968-1975.Laforge, Michel
2002Discrimination sexuelle et discrimination linguistique : lecture des inégalités salariales au Canada et en Ontario.Bernier, Christiane; Laflamme, Simon