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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Apr-2016Cyberbullying: interpersonal competence, aggression, and school identification.Drummelsmith, Jennifer
15-Dec-2015Cytokine-mediated regulation of catecholamine biosynthetic enzymes in adrenal chromaffin cellsByrne, Collin J.
21-Aug-2015« C’est sur le terrain que ça se passe » : étude de la couverture du football féminin par les médias digitaux en FranceLajeunesse, Michèle
16-May-2014Dark embrace: orestes complex, catathymic crisis and method of murder: a study of matricide in a forensic psychiatric sampleO’Brien, Colleen
2017DatabrarianshipMrozewski, Tomasz
18-Dec-2015(De)Constructing the American sport hero: a textual analysis of media representations of Vince Lombardi.Hull, Michael R.
1999DebatesGoltz, Eileen
15-Jun-2010Decolonisation as a social change framework and its impact on the development of Indigenous-based curricula for Helping Professionals in mainstream Tertiary Education OrganisationsMoeke-Pickering, Taima
Aug-2007Defining Literacies: The Complex Literacies Use And Understandings Of Tree ChildrenWood, Jeffrey W.
7-Jun-2016Demonstrating Anishinaabe storywork circle pedagogy: creating conceptual space for ecological relational knowledge in the classroom.Peltier, Sharla
17-Mar-2014Deposition and characterization of mesoporous silica coatings on magnesium alloysAl Hegy, Afrah
2006Depuis l'Antiquité, on l'appelle <bolet>Gaudreau, Guy; Ribordy, Annette; Ribordy, François-Xavier; Tremblay, Micheline; Amicales des mycologues de Sudbury
2007Des mineurs travaillants et dociles : les Polonais de la Lake Shore de Kirkland Lake (1927-1968)Dupuis, Serge
10-Aug-2015The design and evaluation of Novel prototypes to visualize web browsing historyMakkena, Anudeep
24-Jun-2015The design and evaluation of novel prototypes to visualize Web browsing history.Makkena, Anudeep
24-Mar-2017Design and optimization of a novel top-lit gas-lift bioreactor for industrial CO2 mitigation and microalgae-sourced biodiesel productionSeyed Hosseini, Nekoo
26-Feb-2016Design, construction and testing of a Tesla TurbineHolland, Kris
8-Oct-2013Design, construction and validation of internal organ phantoms for biomechanical testingOmri, Karim
27-Jan-2014Determination and speciation of tellurium in environmental samples using hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (HG-AFS)Alzahrani, Ali
24-Feb-2015Determining the feasibility of a real-time geophysical magnetic and electric measurement system for monitoring strain undergroundSchaub, Christoph