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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2018Biological recovery in an urban industrial stream: using the reference condition approach to assess the current state of Junction Creek, Sudbury, OntarioWittmann, Amanda
1999BIOMAGIC: summary of progress and recommendations-
12-May-2017Biomonitoring under changing climate conditions: assessing seasonal variability of benthic macroinvertebrate communities and stream characteristics in two ecozones in Northern Ontario, Canada.Bourne, Vanessa A.
May-1999Bioremediation of mine area groundwater inorganic contamination (BioMAGIC): final report / Prepared for Boojum Research Ltd.Ferris, F. G.
May-1999Bioremediation of mine area groundwater inorganic contamination (BioMAGIC): final report.Ferris, F. G.
31-Jul-2013The black sun of boredom: Henri Lefebvre and the critique of everyday lifeGamsby, Patrick
9-May-2018Blubbering on: representations of whale identity in literature, film, and scienceTurkington, Emmett
24-Feb-2015Bond mean field theory for electron spin resonance frequency shift analysisRodger, Clifford John
Jun-2002Boojum : 30 years of ecological engineeringLees, David
May-1997"Bringing home Payahtakenemowin (Peace of Mind): Creating self-governing community services"Timpson, Joyce; Semple, Douglas
1982The British in Northeastern Ontario: the Ubiquitous MinorityDennie, Donald
1-Jun-2017Broadband optical wireless communications for the teleoperation of mining equipmentFrutuoso Barroso, Alberto Rui
Dec-1998Buchans 1998 final report / prepared for Joint Venture Group at Buchans NFLD ASARCO INC. - Abitibi-Price Inc.-
Dec-1997Buchans : 1996-1997 overview / prepared for Joint Venture Group at Buchans NFLD, ASARCO INC. - Abitibi-Price Inc.-
20-Dec-1999Buchans : 1998-1999 final report-
Dec-1988Buchans : mining wastes and the environmentKalin, Margarete
Oct-2009Buchans ecological engineering treatment assessment : long-term performance evaluation and site visit report (2009)Kalin, Margarete
29-Mar-2008Building an institutional repository at Laurentian University.Lafortune, Sylvie
Mar-2007Building Bridges Between Academe and Community: Case Study of the Healing of the Seven Generations ProjectLafrenière, Ginette; Diallo, Lamine; Dubie, Donna
3-Dec-2012Building leadership capacity amongst young Anishinaabe-Kwe through culturally-based activities and creative artsCote-Meek, Sheila; Dokis-Ranney, Kathy; Lavallee, Lissa; Wemigwans, Dawn