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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Géosystèmes environnementaux: symbole de la loi naturelle face au pluralisme juridique dans la gestion de l'environnement.Etongué Mayer, Raoul
1999Census Returns on MicrofilmGoltz, Eileen
1999Opération Rainbow: saga judiciaire sur fond de pluralisme juridiqueBoudreau, François; Ribordy, François-Xavier
Apr-1999"The Nitinaht Chronicles"Webster, Schuyler; Douglas, Lucilla; Goddard, Molly
Apr-1999"The learning circle as a research method: The trickster and windigo in research"Nabigon, Herbert; Hagey, Rebecca; Webster, Schuyler; MacKay, Robert
Apr-1999Volume 2School of Native Human Services
Apr-1999"Seeking Minopimatasiwin (the Good Life): An Aboriginal approach to social work practice"Hart, Michael Anthony
Apr-1999"Aboriginal students speak about acceptance, sharing, awareness and support: A participatory approach to change at a University and Community College"Young, Wendy
Apr-1999"Long term evaluation of the health transfer initiative: Major findings"van de Sande, Adje; Browning, Rick
Apr-1999"The circle of healing"Stevenson, Jean
Apr-1999"Location and knowledge-building: Exploring the fit of western social work with traditional knowledge"Zapf, Michael Kim
Apr-1999"Trauma and healing in Aboriginal families and communities"Lederman, John
2000Entre la maison et l'attente... Une identité nomade. Réflexions sur l'Institut franco-ontarien.Durand, Louis
2000Aboriginal entrepreneurship on reserves: some empirical data from Northern Ontario and considerations following the Supreme Court of Canada decision on the Delgamuukw v. British Columbia appealCachon, Jean-Charles
Sep-2000"HIV and injection drug use amongst First Nations in Vancouver"Goldstone, Irene; Albert, R; Churchill, A; Schilder, A; Perry, T; Markowski, R; Hogg, R.S.; McLeod, W.A.
Sep-2000"""It's hard to be a women," First Nations women living with HIV/AIDS"Ship, Susan; Norton, Laura
Sep-2000"""Point of Death," HIV/AIDS and IV drug use: Youth awareness video project"Adkins, Gary
Sep-2000"Honouring and caring for Aboriginal people and communities in the fight against HiV/AIDS"Marsden, Namaste; Clement, Ken; Schneider, David
Sep-2000"Confronting HIV and AIDS: A personal account of spiritual awakening"Boucher, Rene; Timpson, Joyce
Sep-2000"HIV, sexual violence and Aboriginal Women"Neron, Carole; Roffey, Rhonda